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OES Medical Anaethesia Machine
Astra 3 i

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الشركة : OES Medical, UK
الموديل : Astra 3 i

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Safe, Reliable and Affordable

·         Quality British Design and Manufacturing.

o   High quality, fully equipped anesthesia workstation.

o   All components designed and manufactured in Oxford, UK.

o   Fully integrated, ergonomically positioned ventilator and absorber.

o   Up to six ventilation modes, pressure and volume controlled.

o   Low flow environmentally friendly open or closed circuit anesthesia .

o   MRI options and pendant mounted versions available .

o   Selectatec® compatible backbar with interlock.

·         Oxygen monitor, flowmeter backlight and EFM (Electronic Flow Monitor) options available

o   Modern styling. Intuitive function, easily operable and highly efficient.

o   Extremely low cost maintenance with all components designed for ease of Service.

o   Open architecture offering multiple configurations to suit your exact specifications and requirements.

o   Optional patient monitor with 12.1” or 15” TFT colour display, extensive parameter options, rechargeable Li-ion battery.

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