Nihon Kohden, Japan

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Nihon Kohden Neurofax 256, 192, 128 or 64-channel digital EEG
EEG-1200K with JE-120A

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الشركة : Nihon Kohden, Japan
الموديل : EEG-1200K with JE-120A

EEG-1200K with JE-120A

• 256, 192, 128 or 64-channel junction box.

• 10 KHz sampling rate.

• LAN connectivity by QI-123A (IP addressable).

• EEG report software.

• Zooming function.

• Voltage mapping.

• Frequency mapping.

• DSA trendgraph for a fast review.

• EEG auto editor for a fast clipping.

• Slide show function for conference.

• EEG scope for look back.

• Full HD video synchronized with EEG waveforms (option).

• Heart rate, SpO2, ETCO2 for vital sign monitoring (option).

• Neuro Portaview can transfer data by CD-R.

• NeuroWorkbench software for data management Functional brain mapping test (PE-210AK + MS-120BK with JE-120A).

• Sophisticated software control for functionalbrain mapping test.

• Electrode position map with brain images.

• Online quick report generation.

• Alternative, Biphasic stimulation with MS-120BK.

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